Payment Methods


What is WorldPay?

WorldPay is a payment gateway that we use to capture payments directly from our website. WorldPay is used by 1 million+ merchants globally.

How do I use WorldPay to Checkout?

Head to the checkout and on the payment options page shown below. Select Credit card. Next select review order and on the next page ensure all of your details are correct and select complete order.  

You will then be redirected to the page below where you can select the payment method. 

Once selected you will be able to input your card details and cardholder details. Once completed, complete the cardholder verification and select make payment. 

Super Payments

What is Super Payments?

Super payments is a payment gateway that we have introduced to our website to capture payments. Unlike other payment gateways on the market Super does not charge us for card payments. Super allows us to avoid these fees and in exchange we use the money saved on fees, on cash rewards for our customers for money off their purchases. 

Why use Super Payments?

By checking out with Super you earn a 5% cash reward on your purchase and as a welcome bonus Super gives you a £5 cash reward. This cash reward can only be spent on our website meaning you'll get money off your purchase and we give the money saved on fees to you. 

How much will I earn?

If your order value was £100, 5% would be £5 and if it is your first time using Super you will receive a £5 welcome bonus. That amounts to £10 total for simply checking out with Super payments. 

How do I check out with Super Payments?