Clean Pod Vaping System

How to Clean a Pod Vaping System

Pod vaping systems are the most popular refillable vaping devices on the market today, and that’s because they offer the best possible combination of everything. They’re much smaller and sleeker than the refillable vape mods that most people used in the early years of the vaping industry. They’re also easier to use and generally require less maintenance. If you enjoy your experience with a pod system, there’s a good chance that you’ll never want to use anything else.

As simple and trouble free as pod systems are, it’s still necessary to maintain your device if you want to keep it working properly – and cleaning your device is a big part of that. If you keep your pod system clean, you’ll ensure that it always produces the best possible flavour. Cleaning a pod system also helps to ensure that it’ll continue to work as well as it possibly can. The device needs to make a solid electrical connection with the contacts on the bottom of the pod, or it’ll have trouble delivering power to the pod’s atomizer coil. In that case, the device’s vapour production will suffer.

In short, if you want to keep your pod system working its best, you need to ensure that it stays clean. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how to do it.

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How to Clean the Main Body of Your Pod System

To clean the main body of your pod system, you’ll want to start by removing the pod – you’ll clean that component separately. Get a soft cloth and use it to remove dust and fingerprints from the device.

Clean Pod Vape

If you usually carry your pod system in your pocket, there’s a good chance that lint and other contaminants have collected in the charging port. If the lint partially blocks the metal contacts in the charging port, your device may take longer than usual to charge – and in the case of a severe blockage, your device may not charge at all. Remove any contaminants with a toothpick. Never use a metal tool to clean your pod system’s charging port because the tool could scratch the port’s contacts.

The dirtiest part of your pod system is likely to be the chamber that stores the pod. It’s normal to see a little condensation under the pod, and you can remove it with a cotton swab. A dry cotton swab also works well for removing discoloration from the metal contacts in the chamber. If the contacts are severely discoloured, you can dampen the cotton swab with a little rubbing alcohol to clean the metal more deeply. If you use alcohol when cleaning your pod system, make sure that all of the liquid is completely evaporated before using the device again.

How to Clean a Vape Pod and Atomizer Coil

Clean Vape Pods

If you want your pod system to taste as good as it possibly can, you’ve got to clean it periodically. That’s especially true if you’re the type of person who switches between vape juice flavours frequently because residue will tend to collect in the pod and make your e-liquids difficult to taste. If you don’t keep your pod clean, all of your e-liquids will start to taste the same.

The best way to clean vape pods is with plain water. Start by getting a bowl and filling it with water. The temperature of the water should be hot, but don’t use boiling water. Take the pod and disassemble it as fully as you can. Open the pod’s filling hole and remove the coil if possible. Put everything in the water and swish it around to provide agitation. You might have to hold the pod down for a few seconds to make it fill with water, especially if it has a built-in coil.

Leave the pods and coils in the water for a few hours. Agitate the water periodically. You should also replace the water when it gets cold. As you clean your pods and coils, you’ll probably find that the water darkens a bit or that small flecks begin to come off of the coil. Those are good things because they mean that the water is beginning to break through the e-liquid residue trapped in the pod. After soaking the pod and coil for several hours, remove the items from the bowl and leave them out to air dry for a day before using them again.

When you clean an atomizer coil, it’s important to keep in mind that the water will remove much of the residue from the coil – but some residue will always persist through cleaning. The coil should produce a better flavour after being cleaned, but it won’t taste quite the same as a completely new coil. Still, cleaning your coils might be worthwhile if you use sweetened e-liquids and find that you’re spending too much on replacements because your coils don’t last long.

How to Clean a Pod System After an E-Liquid Leak

When you remove the pod from your pod system, it’s normal to see a little condensation – you can clean it fairly easily with a paper towel or cotton swab. If you see a major e-liquid leak under the pod, though, that’s a bigger problem because the e-liquid could potentially get into the interior of the device and contaminate the electronics. In that case, you may find that your device begins to behave in unexpected ways or that it stops working entirely. To prevent those things from happening, you need to fix a major leak as soon as you notice it.

If you find e-liquid after removing your device’s pod, the first thing that you should do is remove as much of the vape juice as possible with a paper towel or cotton swabs. When the device appears completely dry, hold it upside down and blow firmly through the airflow hole at the bottom. If you see e-liquid at the top of the device after doing this, it means that vape juice has leaked into the interior of the device. To absorb some of the excess moisture, try putting your device in a bowl of dry rice or sealing it in a bag with a couple of desiccant packets for a day. The rice or desiccant should help to prevent the e-liquid from damaging the device’s internal components.