Vape Not Working

What Should You Do if Your Vape Isn't Working?

One of the greatest things about today’s modern vaping devices is that they’re incredibly reliable. In the early days of vaping, people actually expected their e-cigarettes to be unreliable and not particularly satisfying. It was still better than smoking, though, so they stuck with it anyway. Thankfully, the manufacturers improved their products quickly – so today, you can generally expect even the cheapest vape kits to be completely reliable right out of the box.

The fact that modern vaping devices are so reliable, though, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll never experience a problem because just about every gadget in existence fails to function as it should from time to time. If that’s the situation you’re in right now, this article is going to help. What should you do if your vape isn’t working? We’re going to walk you through the solutions for all of the most common problems.

What to Do if Your Vape Isn’t Hitting

Vape Not Hitting

Let’s begin with one of the most common and basic vaping problems: Your vape isn’t hitting. You’re puffing on it or pressing the fire button, and nothing is happening. What should you do? Start with the basics. If you’re using a disposable vape that isn’t rechargeable, it’s likely that the battery is dead. In this case, it’s time to replace the device. If you’re using a rechargeable vape, though, try connecting the device to your computer to recharge the battery. If that doesn’t work – and you’re using a device with a manual fire button – try pressing the button five times. A vaping device with a fire button usually has a five-press on/off function. If the device is off, pressing the button five times should turn it back on.

If your vape still isn’t hitting after you’ve charged the battery and attempted to turn the device on, it’s possible that the device isn’t working because it isn’t making a solid electrical connection with the atomizer coil. If you’re using a vape kit with a tank, try installing a new coil. If you’re using a pod system, try replacing the pod. It’s possible that the tank or pod you’re using has a manufacturing defect.

What to Do if Your Vape Isn’t Charging

Vape Not Charging

Virtually every vaping device on the market has a screen or indicator light that lets you know what’s going on with the device, and your vape should always light up when you connect it to your computer. If that doesn’t happen, the battery isn’t charging. Follow these steps to fix it.

  1. If you’re using a vape mod with a removable battery, make sure that the battery is installed in the correct orientation. If the battery is reversed, the device won’t charge or turn on. The battery’s positive terminal should face the top of the device in most cases, but you can check the correct orientation by looking at the symbol on the device’s battery cover.
  2. Try a different charging cable. USB cables aren’t particularly durable and will often fail after a few months of daily use.
  3. Make sure that you’re charging your vape by connecting it to your computer. Don’t ever charge a vaping device with a mains adapter unless you’re certain that the adapter is approved by the device’s manufacturer.
  4. Clean your vape’s charging port. You can remove lint and dust with a non-metal tool such as a toothpick.

What to Do if Your Vape Is Blinking

Vape Blinking

Is your vape blinking when you try to use it? You can check the meaning of the error code in the device’s instruction manual, but a vape usually blinks for one of three reasons.

  1. The battery is dead. In this case, charging the battery will resolve the issue.
  2. Your device isn’t detecting the atomizer coil in the connected tank or pod. In this case, replacing the coil or pod will resolve the issue. If you’re using a tank, make sure that the tank is put together correctly and that the coil is screwed in tightly.
  3. You’re taking very long puffs, and that’s triggering the device’s built-in safety cut-off. Nearly every vaping device on the market has a safety cut-off to prevent accidental activation and overheating. The exact length of the cut-off depends on the device, but it’s usually around 8-10 seconds. If you take shorter puffs, your device will stop blinking.

What to Do if Your Vape Is Leaking

Vape Leaking

E-liquid is messy and has a slightly greasy feeling between the fingers. It can also potentially stain clothes and furniture, so you definitely don’t want your vape to leak if you can prevent it. Thankfully, a leaking vape is almost always something that you can prevent easily if you know what to do. Here’s how to fix it.

  • If you’re using a vape mod with a glass tank, disassemble the tank completely and check all of the gaskets to see if you can find one that’s broken or stretched out of place. A vape tank almost always includes a set of replacement gaskets, making it easy to fix worn components. If you don’t find a damaged gasket, it’s likely that the tank was assembled incorrectly. Screw the parts back together carefully, making sure that none of the threads are crossed.
  • If you’re using a disposable vape or pod system, puff more gently. If you puff too firmly, you can draw e-liquid out of the device’s mouthpiece.
  • If you’re using a refillable pod system, don’t overfill the pod. Always leave a little space for air at the top, so you can close the pod without pushing e-liquid out.

What to Do if Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Vape Tastes Burnt

If your vape has a harsh, burnt flavour, there are two possible causes. Either the wick in the device’s atomizer coil is dry, or e-liquid residue has altered the coil’s flavour.

  • To prevent your coil’s wick from drying out, always wait several minutes before vaping after filling a new pod for the first time or replacing your atomizer coil. If your device has adjustable power, lower the wattage. Always refill your tank or pod promptly when you notice that it’s empty.
  • If your vape develops a burnt flavour after you’ve used a pod or atomizer coil for a while, it’s probably time to replace the pod or coil. E-liquid leaves residue on a coil over time, and the residue will eventually cause a burnt flavour. If you use e-liquid containing an added sweetener such as sucralose, you’ll need to replace your coil or pod more often because sweeteners shorten coil life.