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Vape Tanks: Buy Online in the UK

If you’re ready to upgrade your vaping experience, a new sub-ohm vape tank is the best thing that you can buy. Because the tank is the component of your vaping device that’s responsible for the vapour production, it has a direct impact on flavour quality and satisfaction. Buying a new tank for your vape mod can be an enormous upgrade – and a very affordable one as well.

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What Is a Sub-Ohm Vape Tank?

A sub-ohm vape tank is a tank with a coil that has a resistance below 1.0 ohm. A resistance under 1.0 ohm is a sub-ohm resistance, and that’s how the name came about. Compared to above-ohm vape tanks, sub-ohm tanks require higher levels of input power and produce much larger vapour clouds. Sub-ohm vape tanks are optimised for low-nicotine vape juice, and they’re designed for direct-to-lung inhaling.

You can identify a sub-ohm tank from its appearance. Sub-ohm tanks are typically larger and more colourful than above-ohm tanks. They have wide mouthpieces and large airflow openings.

What Type of Vape Do I Need for a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Sub-ohm vape tanks are designed for use with high-power vape mods. If your vape has control buttons that allow you to adjust the device’s wattage, it’ll probably work with most of the sub-ohm tanks on the market. To confirm this, you need to know two things:

  • The wattage range of your device. Your mod should have the ability to operate at the wattage suggested for the vape tank that you want to use. The wattage range is etched into the coil and printed on the vape tank’s package.
  • The minimum supported resistance of your device. You can find this in your vape mod’s instruction manual and on the manufacturer’s website. The minimum resistance should be lower than the resistance of the coil that you want to use.

How to Maintain a Sub-Ohm Vape Tank

To keep a sub-ohm tank in good working order, you should always heed the following tips.

  • Rinse and dry the tank when you replace the coil. This helps to ensure maximum flavour quality.
  • Refill the tank promptly when the level of e-liquid is low. A sub-ohm coil sometimes has a minimum fill line etched into its side.
  • Replace the coil when the flavour begins to taste burnt.
  • After installing a new coil and filling the tank, let the tank stand for at least five minutes before you begin using it. If you vape before the coil is fully saturated, the wick may burn.
  • When using a new coil, reduce your device’s wattage until the coil is fully broken in.

How Often Should I Replace the Coil in a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Using a sub-ohm tank means that you’re going to need a constant supply of vape coils. When you buy a new vape tank, it’s a good idea to also buy a box of coils to ensure that you won’t run out unexpectedly. A vape coil may last anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks, and the life of a coil depends primarily on what type of vape juice you use. If you use vape juice that’s heavily sweetened, residue from the sucralose will shorten the life of your coils. When a coil begins to produce a burnt flavour, it's time to replace it.